5 essential applications to promote your music

As a musician, promoting your music can seem like a complex task. Where do you start if you don’t have any contacts in the music industry? And how do you do that when you don’t have a budget? Fortunately, some developers have created applications to facilitate the difficult task of promotion. What are the best apps to promote your music? There are a lot of apps that help you find new fans and expand your audience. We have selected five applications that we believe are the most interesting and meet two key criteria: they are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.


Songkick is apparently a simple application that allows you to buy concert tickets: and yet, it makes a point of promoting new artists to its users. Group ads open depending on the location and musical tastes of the users. Songkick reaches a wide audience, alerts users of the tours of the groups they are interested in, and proposes new groups according to their tastes. It’s a perfect application to promote your music on a small budget. Songkick also gathers information from Google Play Music, Spotify etc., which allows your music to be promoted on a larger scale.


This app is excellent for promotion, as it suggests music to the user according to his personal preferences. Rather than playing on the luck factor, Last.fm only offers songs if the users’ tastes are similar. Last.fm is also one of the largest online radio services: it offers several ways to listen to a song, from a simple 30-second clip to a full download. It is possible to organize promotional campaigns and a personal page to acquire new fans.


If you follow the news, you know that Soundcloud has experienced some financial difficulties recently. But in addition to the business aspect, Soundcloud has the advantage of being easily linked with your social networks. Created and designed to be simple and effective, you can save and share your music on Facebook and other platforms. It also allows you to offer your songs for free download. Your profile on Soundcloud also acts as a social network: listeners can post comments on your songs, allowing you to hear their opinions.


For a few euros, Reverbnation connects your social networks with millions of fans. There is even enough to create your own video ad to present a professional image. You can even advertise in cities and countries that do not have a large traditional organic reach. The advantage is that Reverbnation remembers former visitors, and therefore places its ads in an ingenious way. It is also an app that allows musicians to easily contact each other and help each other.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. These are the four cardinal points for free music promotion. Each has its own use, and all have millions of daily users. Download them all, create your profiles and keep them up to date! Of course, word of mouth is the most effective promotional tool you can have. Using social networks is a fairly simple, although time-consuming task. Nevertheless, they allow you to connect with your fans for free – just make sure you regularly post photos, stories and clips, in short, anything that will allow you to connect with your fans on a personal level. The last one, Instagram, is probably a tool not to be underestimated. Free and easy, it allows your fans to feel close to you. Connecting with people on a personal level creates an affinity with your audience. Instagram is perfect for that!

To summarize

There are many applications that allow you to promote your music for free, or on a tight budget. But technology will not allow you to do everything: the secret is to keep all your networks up to date, and to create an affinity with your audience, new and old. We live in an era where we can network with our fans directly, not through a label. Then we might as well enjoy it.