How to Promote a Youtube Video?

How to promote a video? How to promote your Youtube video on the Internet? How to increase the number of your views on Youtube? How to broadcast your advertising spot on the web? How to support the launch of a viral video with paid advertising? What formats do Google Adwords and Youtube offer to advertise a video on the Internet?

More views on your Youtube videos

Promoting your videos well to get the most out of them starts with the concept of your videos.

An average video will obviously be more difficult to promote than a video designed to generate sharing or position itself in the Youtube search engine.

A quality video will be broadcast more often on social networks, blogs will be more willing to embed it in their articles and it will appear more often when a request is typed on Youtube or Google.

Two types of videos really have potential in terms of views on Youtube:

1. Viral videos: viral videos (difficult to make) generate positive or negative emotions, make people smile, shock, excite, create a debate, bounce off the news….

2. Tutorial videos: because they are naturally positioned in Youtube and Google engines by responding to users’ problems.

Now that we have laid these foundations, let’s explore ways to increase your views on Youtube.

1. How to promote your videos on Youtube?

The best way to promote a video is still to enjoy the monstrous audience of Youtube:

1. The key to success on Youtube is to concentrate all your typing power (free and paid) in order to get as many links, shares, votes, comments and views as possible in a limited time. A strong dynamic will send positive signals to Youtube, naturally driving your content up the rankings and generating more traffic on your video.

2. Now, if you have a budget to spend, there are many formats available to promote your videos on Youtube.

Youtube campaigns can allow you to:
– Put a viral video into orbit within the first hours / days after publication-
Present your product through video and therefore generate sales-
Present your application and generate downloads-
Conduct a brand awareness campaign around your brand

2. Broadcast your video by email

Use all available means to quickly increase the number of views and shares in the first few days after the video is published.

Email is an effective way to communicate on your new video to:

  • your customer bases
  • Your newsletter subscribers
  • Your partners
  • Your colleagues

Broadcast your video but don’t forget to optimize your emails for a maximum opening rate

3. Distribute your video to bloggers

Links to your video page have a significant impact on the referencing of your video on Youtube. A better referencing will allow you to obtain better positions when a user looks for a video and therefore “natural” views.

When a blogger relays your video on his blog, it is obviously a quality link for your video and guarantees additional views and sharing with the blog audience. Feel free to also solicit influential accounts on Twitter to get retweets that can help propel your video. Check out the tips for contacting bloggers and influencers

However, for a blogger to publish your video, it must have an interest and not just be an advertisement.

4. Broadcast your video on social networks

Social networks are obviously a powerful distribution tool for a video. Just look at how much the stars of Youtube are careful to also promote their social accounts by asking Internet users to follow them. A large subscriber base on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest can create a critical mass of traffic on your video in a short period of time. And so to position your video as “trending” in Youtube.

If hundreds of users are currently enjoying, sharing, viewing your video, Youtube will consider that your video deserves to be seen by other Internet users and will therefore promote your content. It is this mechanism that allows a video to become viral.

Also consider publishing your video on sites like Reddit that can generate monster traffic if your video likes and buzzes.

Finally, Facebook and Twitter offer paid advertising formats to promote a video to a targeted audience:

1. The “Engagement with Page Publications” objective promotes a video posted on Facebook

2. The “Engaging with the tweet” objective promotes a tweet containing a video

5. How to promote your videos on the Internet?

Google Adwords also offers solutions to broadcast your videos further afield by taking advantage of its huge network of partner sites.

1. A first solution: InStream video spots are an advertising format that allows you to broadcast a video ad just before or during a Youtube video. In addition to being broadcast on Youtube, these ads are also broadcast on Google’s Display network partner sites.

To access this format, you will first need to create a Display campaign on Google Adwords. I then explain in this tutorial how to create an InStream video spot.

2. A second solution: “ads targeting interaction”. These interactive ad formats available in Google Adwords Display Network campaigns allow you to transform your video into a banner that is broadcast on the Internet (as in traditional Display campaigns):

a. The “Hover-to-play ads” format allows you to launch a video when a user hovers his mouse over your banner

b. The “Video ads in Lightbox mode” format allows you to enlarge a video banner in the center of the page viewed when a user hovers his mouse over your banner.

c. The “Three videos in Lightbox mode” format allows, like the “video ad in Lightbox mode” format, to enlarge a video banner in the center of the page viewed with a banner of 3 additional suggested videos when a user hovers his mouse over your banner.

d. The “Post the content of your Google+ page on the web” format promotes a Google+ publication with a video on Google’s Display network as a traditional banner.

To promote a Youtube video on Google’s Display Network:

1. Go to your Google Adwords account. You can also get help to configure your music clip via Adwords. Click here for more information.
2. Create a Display Network campaign by clicking on the “Campaigns” tab

3. After clicking on the “+ Campaign” button, select “Display Network Only”:

4. Once you are in the campaign creation interface, select “Interest and interaction”.

5. Follow the Display Network campaign creation tutorial for more details on Display campaign options until you reach the step of creating the 4 Display formats that can contain a Youtube video:

6. All you have to do is set up your ad and then validate the campaign so that your video starts to be broadcast on the entire Google Display Network.

This type of ad is not billed per click but only when the user interacts with the ad (“cost per commitment” or”cost per interaction”). This is an interesting way to get out of Youtube, offer richer advertising experiences and promote your videos.

Once your campaign is launched, you can create additional video ads within the same campaign (if only to compete and compare performance).

5 essential applications to promote your music

As a musician, promoting your music can seem like a complex task. Where do you start if you don’t have any contacts in the music industry? And how do you do that when you don’t have a budget? Fortunately, some developers have created applications to facilitate the difficult task of promotion. What are the best apps to promote your music? There are a lot of apps that help you find new fans and expand your audience. We have selected five applications that we believe are the most interesting and meet two key criteria: they are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.


Songkick is apparently a simple application that allows you to buy concert tickets: and yet, it makes a point of promoting new artists to its users. Group ads open depending on the location and musical tastes of the users. Songkick reaches a wide audience, alerts users of the tours of the groups they are interested in, and proposes new groups according to their tastes. It’s a perfect application to promote your music on a small budget. Songkick also gathers information from Google Play Music, Spotify etc., which allows your music to be promoted on a larger scale.

This app is excellent for promotion, as it suggests music to the user according to his personal preferences. Rather than playing on the luck factor, only offers songs if the users’ tastes are similar. is also one of the largest online radio services: it offers several ways to listen to a song, from a simple 30-second clip to a full download. It is possible to organize promotional campaigns and a personal page to acquire new fans.


If you follow the news, you know that Soundcloud has experienced some financial difficulties recently. But in addition to the business aspect, Soundcloud has the advantage of being easily linked with your social networks. Created and designed to be simple and effective, you can save and share your music on Facebook and other platforms. It also allows you to offer your songs for free download. Your profile on Soundcloud also acts as a social network: listeners can post comments on your songs, allowing you to hear their opinions.


For a few euros, Reverbnation connects your social networks with millions of fans. There is even enough to create your own video ad to present a professional image. You can even advertise in cities and countries that do not have a large traditional organic reach. The advantage is that Reverbnation remembers former visitors, and therefore places its ads in an ingenious way. It is also an app that allows musicians to easily contact each other and help each other.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. These are the four cardinal points for free music promotion. Each has its own use, and all have millions of daily users. Download them all, create your profiles and keep them up to date! Of course, word of mouth is the most effective promotional tool you can have. Using social networks is a fairly simple, although time-consuming task. Nevertheless, they allow you to connect with your fans for free – just make sure you regularly post photos, stories and clips, in short, anything that will allow you to connect with your fans on a personal level. The last one, Instagram, is probably a tool not to be underestimated. Free and easy, it allows your fans to feel close to you. Connecting with people on a personal level creates an affinity with your audience. Instagram is perfect for that!

To summarize

There are many applications that allow you to promote your music for free, or on a tight budget. But technology will not allow you to do everything: the secret is to keep all your networks up to date, and to create an affinity with your audience, new and old. We live in an era where we can network with our fans directly, not through a label. Then we might as well enjoy it.